Apartment in charming
timber framed house

The apartment is centrally located and well connected to public transports. Within 3 minutes you can walk to the OLMA (congress and exhibition centre) and in 5 minutes you reach the university, the concert hall and the city theatre. The UNESCO listed Abbey library situated in the beautiful old town is as well within short-walking distance. Restaurants, shops and everything you may need are close by.

There are different recreational areas nearby, i.e. wildlife park “Peter & Paul” and the peaceful public bath “Dreiweihern”.

There is a patio for all tenants in front of the house. Pets are not allowed and smoking is not permitted.

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Aussenansicht - Apartment Rosenberg


The origin of the town lies in the year 612, when the Irish monk Gallus was having a break during his missionary travels. Following the legend, he ordered a wild bear to bring him some firewood. The bear obeyed and stayed with Gallus who gave him to eat.

At this place the Saint Gallus set up his hermitage. In the following centuries the monastery with its library developed to one of the most important centres of knowledge and writing art in Europe.

The town grew with the industrialization and the worldwide exports of textile products around 1910. At this time the embroidery of St. Gallen covered 50% of world’s needs, and a fifth of all the Swiss exports came from our town. Innovation, quality and design-imagination still last in some enterprises which supply the Haute Couture fashion houses.

St. Gallen is a lovely town between the Lake Constance and the foothills of the Alps and is the geografical, economic and cultural centre of Eastern Switzerland. The Lake Constance and Appenzell are just around the corner. And within an hour you are in Zurich. The canton of St. Gallen borders on Germany, Austria and on the principality of Liechtenstein.

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